Since 1971, KMT Waterjet has been instrumental in pioneering waterjet technology. With the KMT Waterjet STREAMLINE® PRO-III 6,200 bar 60 hp and 125 hp, waterjet intensifier pumps, KMT Waterjet Systems has set new standards in the field of waterjet cutting.

The KMT STREAMLINE® PRO-III Series range of ultra-high pressure products includes all necessary components and accessories - from ultra-high pressure pumps to UHP cutting heads with orifices that guide the waterjet cutting jet with great precision to the material. The maximum pressure of 6,200 bar with a 60 hp or 125 hp KMT intensifier pump represents an increase of up to twice the power compared to pressures used in conventional 4,100 bar waterjet cutting equipment!

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For over 45 years, this is why KMT Waterjet is the most recognized waterjet pump in the World.

KMT Waterjet Systems. World’s Fastest Waterjet.