KMT Waterjet Cutting System Solutions

One-, two-, or three-dimensional waterjet cutting and robot applications

Due to the universal applicability of the waterjet cutting technology, it is used for a very wide range of
cutting applications. Consequently, there is a big variety of available waterjet cutting systems:

•   1D slitter systems for cutting web material
•   2D cutting tables for cutting sheet material
•   3D robot applications for complex three-dimensional outlines
•   Further customized solutions


One-dimensional cutting

One-dimensional systems are mostly used for cutting web material. The material is placed on a conveyor chain, which carries it at high speed through a portal construction. This construction is equipped with several cutting heads. The space between the cutting heads determines the width of the material stripes. As these kinds of systems are often used in multi-shift operation, high cutting speed and reliability of the production process are very important.

KMT Two-dimensional cutting

Two-dimensional cutting

The most frequently used system is the 2D cutting table. For cutting intricate outlines, the cutting head is guided by a central CNC control system along the x- and y-axis. Very often, the z-axis (height) is adjustable, too. That is necessary because the cutting head has to be positioned very close to the material to obtain optimal cutting results. This type of system is the ideal solution for the quick production of different workpieces from different sheet materials.

A 5-axes-system enabling the cutting head to tilt via a rotation axis can realize angular and cone-shaped cuts as they are necessary for weld preparation. Also available are systems for cutting holes in pipes or tubes.

The main system features include high cutting speeds and the ability to cut a large number of parts at the same time – very often, these systems are equipped with multiple cutting heads for multiplying the production output. These systems are also adapted for mirrored cuts or reverse cutting. 2D cutting tables are available in various sizes.





Robot applications for three-dimensional cutting

Especially in the automotive and mechanical engineering industry, there are complex requirements which can only be realized by a system for threedimensional cutting. For these kinds of applications, the cutting head is installed on a robot arm and run along a three-dimensional workpiece for trimming the material or cutting holes.

Robot systems are often equipped with rotating shuttle tables. These enable the time-saving loading and off-loading of the system while simultaneously cutting workpieces in the cutting box. Typical applications are:

  • Abrasive cutting:
    Engine components made in titanium, aluminum and stainless steel; turbine blades; marble and other decorative stone
  • Pure water cutting:
    Components for car interiors such as carpets, door panels, bumpers, dashboards, instrument panels, glove  compartments, etc.