Waterjet Cutting for Stone & Tiles

In this area, the most commonly cut materials are concrete, granite, marble, sandstone and tiles. Waterjet cutting is the ideal method for the production of inlays and company logos or the cutting of floor and wall covering elements. It opens up a whole new field for creative designs and solutions. As the cutting gap width is minimal, no material is wasted. The technology is also very suitable for the cutting of combined materials, for example inlays in stone and metal or combinations of tiles and glass.

As stone and tiles have a low ductility, we recommend producing the first hole with a reduced cutting pressure of 800 bar. This minises the risk of chipping and cracking. For sandstone, the amount of abrasive can be reduced, as the loosened stone particles serve as a natural abrasive.


  • Eliminates most secondary finishing… no rough edges
  • Little or no waste of raw material
  • No toxic fumes or dust (in contrast to saws & blades)
  • No blade or saw sharpening
  • Ability to cut the most intricate stone, tile and marble designs
  • Ideal for cutting up to 12” (30 cm) of materials depending on density of product
  • Eliminates the risk of discoloring or deformation
  • Flexibility of Saw and Waterjet combination systems