Cut Pastry with KMT Waterjet

The Waterjet Cutting Technology enables intricate shapes and hygienic cutting.     

Pure water cutting up to 6,200 bar with KMT high pressure pumps and equipment offers the greatest added value by cutting bakery goods in a sanitary environment without the cross contamination found in blade cutting systems. 

On great advantage of waterjet cutting is the time savings using pure water as a solution for cutting pastry or bread. Since no knife blades are ever used, there is no downtime changing out or sharpening dull blades. Bakeries have literally doubled their yield cutting cakes with waterjet compared to using knives.

Cutting Pastry at the Edelweiss Bakery in Boston, MA
 Cutting Bread for Croutons
with KMT Waterjet


Cutting Pastry Advantages with KMT Waterjet:

  • Perfect finishes
  • Easily create new shapes to extend your product range
  • Moulds and blades are no longer necessary
  • Cut difficult products like puff pastry cleanly
  • Superior labour productivity
  • Hygiene in the cutting process

Waterjet Cutting enables intricate pastry designs

KMT Waterjet Cutting intricate pastry designs