Warranty Condition for KMT ultra high pressure products

KMT Waterjet Systems provides their customers with a clear-cut guideline concerning warranty cases. We successfully use a classification system which unambiguously categorizes all components of the high pressure pumps for waterjet cutting machines. For the implementation of this system, we have thoroughly examined the individual components for waterjet cutting pumps and classified them into three different categories:

  • KMT High Pressure ComponentsConsumables (seals, check valves, etc.)
  • Wear parts (high pressure cylinder, seal head, plunger, etc.)
  • Spare parts (electric motor, hydraulic pump, etc.)

Consumables are not covered by the warranty; wear parts and spare parts have clearly defined warranty periods and conditions depending on the pressure range of the respective pump type.

Transparency for the customer 

Therefore, there is a clear transparency for KMT customers when acquiring a new high pressure pump as the warranty conditions are unambiguous for each and every component. The purpose of this system is to give the our customers the certainty that they are always on the safe side with original KMT products. The warranty conditions can be requested at info@kmt-waterjet.com or at the phone no. +49-6032-997-0.

KMT Extended Warranty

KMT Extended Warranty 

In addition to the standard warranty, KMT also offers a Warranty Extension. This follow-up warranty can be acquired when purchasing a pump and also after the actual purchase as long as the original warranty is still valid. KMT offers two alternatives:

  • The warranty can be extended to a maximum of 4000 operating hours
  • The warranty can be extended to a maximum of two years

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