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Customer Testimonials

Eurofloor Design - London, UK. 3:42

Freeform Waterjet Machining at the University of Nottingham, 5:50

Water Jet UK - Halifax, UK. 2:49

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Metal Cutting

Cutting stainless steel (5 mm) at 5,300 bar. 4:35

Cutting 10 mm Titanium at 6,200 bar. 1:46

3,600 bar Cutting 12 mm Alum. 1:47

Stone Cutting

Cutting granite at 5,400 bar. 3:02

Sawjet cutting at Stone Works. 4:28

Stone & tile cutting in Las Vegas. 4:20

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Food Cutting

Multi-head conveyor cutting celery and lettuce. 1:17

Corn cutting at various cutting speeds. 2:45

Test Cut - Waterjet Cutting of cream-filled waffles. 1:46

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Plastics Cutting

Other Materials


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