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Since their establishment on July 15th 1991, WATERJET CORPORATION has continued to grow and gained world-wide success by solely focusing its business on machinery that exploits the high-pressure water-jet principle. 




Products - Waterjet Cutting Systems

Waterjet Corporation offers four types of waterjet systems (Prima, Practica, Classica, Suprema) as well as a waterjet/plasma combination system. All machines are using KMT Waterjet high pressure pumps and cutting heads.

WaterjetCorp_Prima-LT-510PRIMA LT 510

  • Integrated Cantilever System
  • 3 Axis NC Flying Bridge technology with Integrated Tank
  • Ball Screw and rack and pinion motion system with automatic lubrication.


WaterjetCorp_Practica-FB-510PRACTICA FB 510

  • Flying Bridge Technology
  • Separate Stainless Steel Tank  with Ball Screws motion system and automatic lubrication
  • 3 axis Numerical Control System


WaterjetCorp_Classica-CL-510CLASSICA CL 510

  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • 3 axis NC gantry technology with helical rack and pinion motion system and automatic lubrication



WaterjetCorp_Suprema-DX-510 SUPREMA DX 510

  • 4 Axis System with I.T.C.™ Technology
  • 5 Axis 2D „Edge 5™“ Option with I.T.C.™ Technology 



Egde 5 Axis - 2D/3D Cutting

The innovative EDGE 5 system with integrated ITC is able to interpolate simultaneously all 5 axis with RTCP technology (Rotation Tool Center Point) in order to perform inclined cut up to ± 55° and to compensate the taper to reach the perpendicularity of cut. The mechanical touch sensor fixed on the cutting head is able to measure the correct distance from the material and in order to position automatically the nozzle in the correct position before starting the synchronized 5 axis interpolating cut. An integrated mapping software helps also to identify the correct planarity of the material sheet before cutting.


3D cutting heads give more possibilities:

 cutting samplescutting samples