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Valka ehf. is the expert in fish processing equipment and software. The company offers a range of equipment and software designed to greatly increase productivity, improve yield and maximize accuracy for fish processors small and large.

Valka has good reputation in the industry and has sold its products in various key fishing countries. Their clients range from the smallest producers and traders to some of largest salmon and white fish processors worldwide.

About Valka

Although relatively young company Valka has already gained a proven reputation for producing high-quality products. The company has emphasized on designing high technology hardware and software aimed at enhancing the customer’s productivity, through innovative solutions and with effective teamwork. Representing highly experienced individuals from the technical side of the seafood industry, the Valka team shares the vision and principles of solving the customers mission critical problems promptly and efficiently.

Products - The Valka Cutter for cutting fish

Automatic removal of pin bone and portion cutting

Valka Cutter for cutting fish_2
The Valka Cutter for fish cutting automatically removes pin bones and cuts to the desired portions. The machine uses combination of an X-Ray and 3D image processing system together with robot controlled water jets to locate and cut pin bone and portions with great accuracy.

The system analyzes each fillet and cuts highly uniform portions in relation to size, weight and thickness according to your specification.

Multiple cutting patterns or programs can be defined and different size of fillets can be cut into different patterns.


Supplier for the Waterjet Cutting Technology: KMT

Waterjet cutting of salmon_2The supplier of choice for the Waterjet Cutting technology used in the Valka Cutter for processing salmon and white fish is KMT Waterjet Systems: The company delivers the most reliable high pressure pumps of the industry as well as pure water cutting heads which can handle the great amount and quickness of on/off cycles necessary for cutting fish in this application (80-90 cycles per minute).





Video of the Valka Cutter