TCI Cutting


The goal of TCI Cutting is to continuously provide their customers with the optimal solution for new industrial realities. The company offers their engineering and experience in order to increase their customer's efficiency and productivity. TCI Cutting manufactures high quality waterjet cutting machines

Products - Waterjet Cutting Tables

TCI Cutting manufactures waterjet cutting systems in all sizes and for all applications - be it abrasive cutting or pure water cutting. The company offers 7 types of waterjet machines:

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Bridge Type Systems for Waterjet cutting


Fly-arm Type Systems for Waterjet Cutting


Waterjet Cutting Service

TCI Cutting maintains a technical service department featuring specialists highly qualified in the field of accurate waterjet and laser cutting which aims at total customer satisfaction. Besides fast and efficient interventions in case of emergency, TCI Cutting offers a wide range of services and dynamic solutions for accurate cutting machines to help their customers in all phases of machine life: technical consultancy, training courses, a call center and a spare parts service.

Customer needs are met by a worldwide network of technicians, available 24/7, ready to understand each unique production situation and find the most appropriate solutions. Technicians are continuously attending training courses and the assistance is made using the latest technology.

TCI Cutting at the EuroBLECH 2016