Muototerä Oy - Waterjet cutting designers and builders


Muototerä Oy is a manufacturer of high quality waterjet cutting machines for cutting various materials like metal, glass, plastics, stone and tiles and many more. The FinJet product range of waterjet cutting systems includes portal and flying bridge systems for abrasive 2D- and bevel cutting as well as pure water systems and machines for micro waterjet cutting.

About Muototerä

Muototerä Oy is not just a machinery company, but they are enablers of their customer's future growth and who can look back at providing world class manufacturing performance with 60 years of industrial experience.

Muototerä provides an end-to-end service when it comes to designing and manufacturing complex and high technology waterjet cutting systems and other machinery. In-house engineering & know-how, production, and service guarantees excellent quality to the company's customers both in Finland and internationally.


Products - Waterjet Cutting Systems

Muototerä‘s FinJet™ waterjet cutting machines enables their operators to cut virtually anything. The product range is listed below. For further information, you can browse Muototerä's product brochure or use the company's waterjet builder to configure your cutting machine online.


Finjet_H-Series_Portal-Waterjet FinJet H-Series: Portal Waterjet

  • Designed for continuous heavy duty water jet cutting
  • Modular design enables numerous different variations
  • Can be equipped with several cutting heads including 5-axis bevel cutting units



Finjet_L-Series_Flying-Bridge-WaterjetFinJet L-Series: Flying Bridge Waterjet

  • Designed for flexible cutting in all environments
  • Flying bridge design enables the effective use of the machine from three different sides
  • Can be equipped with 1 or 2 cutting heads


Finjet_P-Series_Pure-Waterjet-Cutting-SystemsFinJet P-Series: Pure Waterjet Cutting Systems

  • Water-only water jet cutting machine series
  • Optimized system for pure water cutting enables faster movements
  • Can be equipped with 1 to 6 cutting heads


Finjet_M-Series_Micro-Waterjet-CuttingFinJet M-Series: Micro Waterjet Cutting

  • Specially designed to cut high precision parts
  • Positioning accuracy: ± 0,01 mm/m
  • Repeatability: ± 0,01 mm/m



Finjet_R-Series_Robot-Waterjet-Cutting-SystemsFinJet R-Series: Robot Waterjet Cutting Systems

  • Covers wide range of robot integrated water jet cutting systems
  • Ideal solution for a maximum automation of the cutting process
  • Designs include standalone robotic cells as well as fully automated and integrated production lines