STREAMLINE SL-VI high pressure pump
  • Proven Waterjet Technology

  • Configurable Design - from Basic to Fully Loaded

  • Universal PLC - Global Network Support

  • Power Factor Correction

New KMT SL-VI Series Waterjet Pumps

Over 40 years ago, KMT launched waterjet cutting with cutting nozzles and the STREAMLINE® SL-I pump delivering cutting pressure up to 55,000 PSI/3,800 bar.

As waterjet technology demand grew, KMT released advanced precision cutting nozzles and pumps from the STREAMLINE® SL-II leading to the STREAMLINE® SL-V Series.

KMT Waterjet Systems is pleased to announce the production and availability of the new KMT STREAMLINE® SL-VI Series Pump. The first release of the STREAMLINE® SL-VI Series is available with horsepower offerings of 30hp, 50hp and 100hp at 4,100 bar. The SL-VI Series is a configurable designed water jet pump that can be custom built based on a variety of options to meet your cutting solution requirements.

From the basic model to the fully loaded, the result is a waterjet pump that delivers the highest efficiency and profit.

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