CLEANLINE I - Mobile Desludging System

CLEANLINE Mobild desludging systemThe mobile desludging system CLEANLINE I removes sand deposits from the cutting basin during the ongoing cutting operation. Therefore, laborious manual basin cleaning, expensive suction services or long production stoppages are a thing of the past. The CLEANLINE I is run on compressed air only; thus it can be used anywhere and without the risk of a short circuit.


Efficient desludging

Per minute, the CLEANLINE system removes approx. 50-60 kg of used abrasive from the basin. At this rate, a 3 m x 2 m cutting basin can be desludged in about 90-100 minutes.

Extracting and flushing in one go

The desludging system is equipped with a tube lance which swirls up and sucks in the sludge while at the same time jetting the filtered water back into the cutting basin.  The tube lance is manually placed in the required position where it remains during the cutting process until the dispersion of the abrasive in the basin makes a change of position necessary or the basin is completely deslugded.

Tube Lance 

Specialized pump for a long lifespan

The CLEANLINE system is actuated by reliable pneu-matically driven diaphragm pumps which have been developed specifically for handling aggressive, abrasive and viscous liquids. The pumps are protected against running dry, feature a maintenance-free air control valve, have no shaft seals, are self priming and are protected against overload.

Diapragm Pump Control elements

Minimal maintenance

The CLEANLINE I is manufactured from high quality components and materials thus guaranteeing long product life and low wear. The pump diaphragms, valve balls and valve seats are tried-and-tested industrial standard products which are easily exchangeable. Feel free to ask your KMT contact to purchase the necessary spare parts.