Reliable accessories for high pressure waterjet cutting machines

KMT Waterjet STREAMLINE High Pressure pumps for waterjet cutting are built for the best possible reliability as well as simple and quick maintenance. Yet even the best product can be made more efficient or easier to maintain if you use intelligent accessories to support the pumps performance. Ranging from systems for a constant and steady cutting water supply to installations which allow for the maximum efficiency of your pump network to desludging systems for cleaning cutting basins of abrasive cutting systems, KMT offers a variety of products to boost the performance of your waterjet cutting machine.

KMT High Pressure Accessories

  • CLEANLINE I - Mobile Desludging System for removing sand deposits from cutting basins
  • STROKE CONTROL - Load balancing of multiple high pressure pumps feeding into a common network
  • BOOSTERLINE - Cutting water supply system

CLEANLINE I - Mobile Desludging System

CLEANLINE I desludging system
CLEANLINE I is the mobile desludging system for cutting basins of waterjet cutting systems. The easy-to-use system saves its users the effort of laborious manual basin cleaning, the need for expensive suction services, or the occurrence of long production stoppages


 CLEANLINE I - Features

  • Mobility: practical for workshops with more than one cutting table
  • Removal of 3-4 m³ of abrasive sludge per hour
  • Simultaneous extracting of sludge and jetting back of filtered water
  • Pneumatically driven diaphragm pumps for handling aggressive, abrasive and viscous liquids
  • Minimal maintenance thanks to high quality components

Pump networking with STROKE CONTROL

Load Balancing with Stroke Control

Additional production volumes often require an expansion of pump capacity. As an alternative to the purchase of larger pumps, the load balancing stroke control system allows for an interlinking and efficient operation of many STREAMLINE pumps in a pump network. Especially production facilities with multiple high pressure pumps and cutting stations working in an independent fashion can benefit of the many advantages of such a pump network.


Benefits of the STROKE CONTROL at a glance

  • Easy operation
  • Easy increase and reduction of the number of connected pumps
  • Possibility to connect pumps of different power and capacity
  • Only a yearly calibration is necessary to maintain the system
  • Any pumps can be used with any table
  • PLC balancing proportional hydraulic control
  • Overstroke and safety systems are not affected

BOOSTERLINE I Cutting Water Supply System

KMT Boosterline Cutting Water Supply SystemThe steady cutting water supply of high pressure pumps is a significant factor when it comes to the reliability and economic efficiency of a waterjet cutting machine. The BOOSTERLINE cutting water supply system is KMT‘s innovative solution to guarantee a constant inlet pressure of the cutting water for ultra-high pressure pumps.

Constant pressure ensures safety of production

The constant supply of water to the ultra-high pressure pump through the BOOSTERLINE system prolongs the service life of wear parts in the intensifier. The maintenance interval of the intensifier and the downtimes of the cutting unit are reduced as the high pressure pump is operated at ideal conditions.
STREAMLINE™ high pressure pumps should be operated at a constant inlet pressure of 3.5 bar. Where pressure fluctuations occur in the public water supply, the BOOSTERLINE water supply system guarantees a steady volume flow to the high pressure pump. The system is automatically switched on and off, depending whether the intensifier is activated or not. Thanks to the fully automated operation, the BOOSTERLINE is very easy to operate.