Abrasive & Abrasive Supply Systems for Waterjet Cutting

Abrasive supply systems control the entire supply chain for abrasive in waterjet cutting machines. The abrasive consumption is a key cost factor in the operation of a waterjet cutting unit. By controlling all system parameters, the cutting results can be optimized and the consumption of abrasive can be reduced. Waterjet cutting thus becomes even more cost-efficient. This is particularly the case where brittle materials such as stone, marble and glass are cut, as the uniform and constant supply of abrasive caters for fast processing without damage at low costs.

Abrasive systems for waterjet cutting normally contain the following three components:

• Abrasive metering system (FEEDLINE)
• Abrasive bulk transfer system (ABRALINE)
• Abrasive cutting heads


FEEDLINE Abrasive Metering System

KMT Waterjet FEEDLINEOptimized Abrasive Consumption for Customized Waterjet Cutting Applications

Stable and repeatable operating parameters are a fundamental requirement for high-quality waterjet cutting. This applies in particular to abrasive applications used to cut brittle materials, where a constant flow of abrasive is simply a must. KMT WATERJET SYSTEMS responded to this demand by developing the FEEDLINE abrasive metering system. Controlled through a central CNC controller or a potentiometer, the FEEDLINE supplies the cutting head with the optimized flow of abrasive. This helps save material and costs.

The FEEDLINE system supplies the cutting head with a constant metered quantity of abrasive. Without this controlled supply, the mixing chamber for abrasive, air and water would become clogged up. With the FEEDLINE, this is effectively prevented

ABRALINE Abrasive Bulk Transfer System

KMT Waterjet ABRALINEProduction reliability requires constant monitoring of the entire cutting process. An economical and successful cutting process depends greatly on a constant abrasive flow rate. This fact becomes even more important when cutting brittle materials such as stone, marble or glass.

Abrasive flow monitoring saves time and costs

Our ABRALINE feeding system precisely monitors the availability of sufficient abrasive closely during the entire cutting process. This protects your valuable material from damage and saves unnecessary costs and time. Its concept assures process stability, security and a very high degree of reliability.

The convenient solution for different demands

KMT offers the ABRALINE feeding system in two different sizes suitable for different requirements. The smaller version ABRALINE Comfort is sufficient for ensuring the abrasive feed for occasional cutting needs. For large cutting machines which operate continuously and with multiple cutting heads, we recommend the model ABRALINE Advanced. 


AMS Abrasive Management System

KMT Waterjet Abrasive Management SystemThe integrated solution for automated waterjet cutting

The AMS abrasive management system controls the entire abrasive supply flow of the waterjet cutting machine from filtering of the abrasive to monitoring the cutting process, ensuring optimised cutting results. The consumption rate of abrasive is one of the key cost factors for the operation of waterjet cutting units. KMT Waterjet Systems has for a long time been aware how crucial this issue is for its customers. In its efforts to optimise the cutting parameters, the company therefore made the reduction of abrasive consumption one of its key concerns. This resulted in the development of the AMS abrasive management system. The complete pack includes the following components:

  • ABRALINE IV Advanced or Comfort storage and bulk transfer system
  • FEEDLINE V metering system
  • ACTIVE AUTOLINE™ II/PRO or ACTIVE IDE™ II/PRO abrasive cutting heads


ECOJET Garnet Abrasive
Your Wat
erjet Cut Is Only As Good As The Abrasive You Use

While it’s the combination of technology that creates the cutting process, the abrasive mixed with high-pressure water is what actually completes the supersonic erosion process – the act of cutting.

Mineral hardness, density, friability, particle shape and purity all play an important part in determining the waterjet cutting result in terms of edge quality, cutting speed and abrasive consumption. Those parameters significantly influence both the technical and commercial success of your waterjet cutting operations.

Being the innovative pioneer in the industry with over 40 years of experience, KMT knows about the daily challenges in your waterjet cutting world.

ECOJET garnet abrasive provides a balanced cost/performance ratio for a large variety of abrasive waterjet applications. Known for its exceptional value, ECOJET garnet abrasive is a mid-level cutting abrasive with low dust, low suspended solids, and low chloride content, providing a clean cutting environment.

Processed to highest quality standards all ECOJET garnet abrasive must has passed our inline quality control measures. Those measures specifically focus on the removal of quality inhibitors such as

  • Wet garnet
  • Bricks or oversized particles
  • Fines or undersized particles
  • Ultra-fines or dust
  • Foreign matter in the abrasive garnet

As a result, with little variability in particle size and product, you can expect each bag of ECOJET garnet abrasive to offer the same machine uptime and quality results, every time.

ECOJET garnet abrasive is available from many warehouse locations, which make the product available within a very short lead time.