KMT Waterjet PRO Ultra High Pressure Range
Waterjet Cutting at 6,200 bar

Since 1971, KMT Waterjet has been instrumental in pioneering waterjet technology. With its PRO high-pressure range, KMT Waterjet Systems sets new standards in the field of waterjet cutting. PRO stands for waterjet cutting technology with operating pressures of up to 6,200 bar, and the new range of products of course includes all necessary components and accessories - from high-pressure generation units to orifices that guide the cutting jet with great precision onto the material.

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting at 6,200 bar

Compared to conventional waterjet cutting at 4,100 bar, the increased maximum pressure range features the following benefits:
■    Higher cutting speeds
■    Improved cutting edge quality
■    Lower abrasive consumption
■    Higher productivity
■    Optimized machine utilization
■    Improved conformality
■    Reduced delamination


Products of the KMT PRO high pressure range

  • STREAMLINE PRO ultra high pressure pumps
  • ACTIVE AUTOLINE PRO abrasive cutting head
  • ACTIVE IDE PRO abrasive cutting head
  • AQUALINE PRO pure water cutting head
  • AMS PRO abrasive management system
  • PSC PRO valves, pipes and fittings

Taking into account the increased exposure to high pressure, the PRO products were designed to ensure economical operation with enhanced service life. The original PRO series by KMT Waterjet thus offers you optimized high-pressure equipment meeting the highest requirements as regards reliability and cutting quality in heavy-duty continuous operation.

STREAMLINE PRO-III - The industry’s most powerful combination of horsepower and pressure

High Pressure Pump STREAMLINE PRO-IIIWith the introduction of the 6,200 bar PRO technology, KMT Waterjet Systems brought waterjet cutting to a new level. As a result of the continuous efforts to further advance this technology, KMT developed the new optimized SUPRALIFE Seal for the intensifier of the STREAMLINE PRO-III offering the industry’s most powerful combination of horsepower and pressure with significant improvements in uptime.


Improved uptime thanks to optimized SUPRALIFE Seal design

To achieve longer uptimes and a more efficient high pressure pump, KMT revised the design of the high pressure seal construction: Instead of installing the seal package into the cylinder bore, it is integrated into a cartridge housing which seals against a chamfer at the end of the cylinder. This prevents damage from the cylinder bore. The new design significantly increases the seal life compared to the previous technology.

To benefit from a maximum seal life, a consistent pre-load needs to be applied to the assembly. Therefore, a hydraulic pre-tensioner is included in the dedicated tool kit. This facilitates the maintenance and always guarantees the exact tightening torque thus ensuring maximum seal life.

Benefits of KMT’s PRO-III Intensifier

  • STREAMLINE PRO-III IntensifierRevised high pressure seal design using the optimized SUPRALIFE Seal for a longer lifetime
  • Patented Intensifier Design
  • Sophisticated heat treat of the seal head body
  • Titanium discharge check valve
  • Stainless steel liners
  • Optimized hydraulic piston design for a better sense of the proximity switch
  • Super polished plunger

Available in two performance classes

The STREAMLINE PRO is available in two models with 45 kW and 93 kW. At a pressure of 6,200 bar, the machines offer volumetric flows of 2.8 l/min and 5.8 l/min respectively. This enables operator to cut with single or multiple heads.

AQUALINE PRO Pure Water Cutting Head

Proven performance at extreme pressures

Pure water cutting applications are among the most demanding of subcontracting jobs in the industry. Pure water cutting applications usually work with significantly higher cutting speeds compared to those of abrasive cutting.

The nozzle valve for maximum stress

KMT Cutting Head AQUALINE PROThe wide range of cutting tasks and numerous switching cycles puts a heavy strain on the nozzle valve. With the AQUALINE PRO pure water cutting head, KMT has developed the perfect solution for 6,200 bar applications. As the cutting speed is higher than with 4,000 bar, delamination is significantly reduced and in many cases completely eliminated. Depending on the actual requirements, the valves are available as normally open (N/O) or usually closed (N/C) valves. These high-pressure valves usually open in less than 50 ms, depending on the operating pressure. High precision, sturdy design and extremely short switching times are the key features of the AQUALINE PRO waterjet cutting head range.


Abrasive Cutting Heads

The PRO abrasive cutting heads from KMT Waterjet Systems have been specially designed for waterjet cutting with 6,200 bar. Their design and materials can withstand huge forces while focusing the energy to the point where it is needed, namely to the cutting jet.


KMT Cutting Head ACTIVE AUTOLINE PROAmong the outstanding features of ACTIVE AUTOLINE PRO cutting heads are automatic precision positioning, perfect repetition accuracy, high cutting speeds, long service life and easy maintenance. It takes only seconds to replace the few wear parts of the cutting head, such as the orifice, mixing chamber and focusing tube, and no tools are required. In order to keep routine maintenance to a minimum, these parts are made from tough wear-proof materials. The typical features of KMT Waterjet products based on the innovative approach for efficiency and economy in continuous operation have thus been successfully integrated into the design of the cutting head.
ACTIVE AUTOLINE PRO cutting heads can be integrated into all waterjet cutting systems with rigid or multiple head connections.


KMT Cutting Head ACTIVE IDE PROThe ACTIVE IDE PRO cutting head features a diamond orifice which is firmly integrated into the orifice body. A specially devised manufacturing method ensures that the waterjet is properly aligned at all times and connected to the mixing chamber located below the orifice body. In the mixing chamber, the abrasive is added to the waterjet. The stringent production tolerances for the mounted cutting head guarantee that the cutting jet is always properly aligned along the axis. As the waterjet exits the focusing tube at the correct angle, the power of the waterjet is focused for optimum impact. This allows for maximum cutting speeds at minimum cutting gaps combined with excellent cutting edge quality.