KMT Waterjet 4,137 bar Products

Over 40 years ago, KMT launched waterjet cutting with cutting nozzles and the Streamline SL-I pump delivering cutting pressure up to 3,800 bar.  As waterjet technology demand grew, KMT released advanced precision cutting nozzles and pumps from the Streamline SL-II leading to the Streamline SL-VI 4,137 bar - currently one of the most successful pumps in the world.

The KMT Waterjet is the most recognized waterjet pump around the world. KMT offers the broadest range of 4,137 bar pumps ranging from 50hp-200hp. KMT pumps, integrated with our OEM waterjet tables, are technologically advanced high-performance devices known for their excellent reliability, efficiency, user-friendliness, intelligent design and are suitable for all waterjet cutting applications.


Products for Waterjet Cutting at 4,100 bar

  • STREAMLINE SL-VI PLUS ultra high pressure pumps
  • STREAMLINE SL-VI STRIPPED ultra high pressure pump
  • ACTIVE AUTOLINE II abrasive cutting head
  • ACTIVE IDE II abrasive cutting head
  • AQUALINE pure water cutting head
  • AMS abrasive management system
  • PSC (Precision System Components) valves, pipes and fittings

The best possible reliability as well as simple and quick maintenance are the key features in the development of all KMT high pressure products for waterjet cutting. The simple modular design enables the replacement of every single wear part. This design principle ensures that each component can be used to its maximum lifetime.

STREAMLINE SL-VI Plus UHP Pumps for Waterjet Cutting


The Industry Standard

KMT Waterjet STREAMLINE SL-VI systems use the latest technology and a very smart design for ease of use, reliability and convenience. The result is a system that delivers highest efficiency and profit.

KMT Waterjet STREAMLINE SL-VI 60,000 PSI/4,137 bar pumps are available in a range of horsepower sizes and in different configuration levels.

Customers can acquire pumps which are capable of being completely integrated into a turnkey system, basic stand-alone pumps for occasional waterjet cutting or most advanced machines to serve highly demanding cutting applications.

STREAMLINE SL-VI Intensifier for reliable Waterjet Cutting

  • The new patented Curve-On-Curve Design enables a longer service life of the single intensifier components and makes installation and maintenance easier
  • Reduced maintenance results from the longer (about 8"/20 cm) stroke which moves more volume allowing a slower stroke rate, extending the life of seals.
  • “One-Step” Seal Replacement – Hydraulic and high pressure seals can be replaced in one operation with little downtime.
  • Electronic shifting provides smoother, more reliable shifting for a more leak-free operation.  

AQUALINE I Pure Water Cutting Head

KMT Pure Water Cutting Head AQUALNEReliability under extreme conditions

Our AQUALINE I pure water cutting head has gained an industry-wide reputation for being amongst the quickest and the most reliable pure water cutting heads under extreme working conditions, through fastest reaction times and high component lifetimes and quality.

High performance nozzle valve

The multiple cutting cycles found in these industries place huge requirements on the on/off cycle speed and reliability of the cutting valve. The KMT AQUALINE I provides the industry‘s top quality leading solution in this area. Depending on the application, normally closed (N/C) and normally open (N/O) cutting valves are available. The nozzle valve opens in less than 50 ms depending on the operating pressure.

Compact design for flexible use

The AQUALINE I head weighs only 1.8 kg (3.9 lbs) guaranteeing high flexibility and making multi-head and 3-D applications easy. It can be equipped with both sapphire and diamond orifices, whatever fits the individual process needs best.

Abrasive Cutting Heads

With the cutting heads ACTIVE AUTOLINE II and ACTIVE IDE II for abrasive waterjet cutting, KMT Waterjet Systems has developed abrasive cutting head assemblies that provide the best efficiency by utilizing long life components. Thus, maintenance efforts can be reduced and running times extended.


KMT Waterjet Abrasive Cutting Head AUTOLINE II

  • The patented tool-free attachment allows for the quick exchange of the water and focusing nozzles without the need to dismantle the abrasive feed hose.
  • The unique non-metallically welded nozzle base caters for high precision and repetition accuracy.
  • The AUTOLINE™ II cutting head includes only three wear parts, namely the orifice, the mixing chamber and the focusing tube, which are made from extremely wear resistant materials.
  • The nozzle body consists of an exchangeable insert. If worn, simply replace the mixing chamber.
  • Pure-water cuts can be made with the same orifice, so retooling takes only a few seconds.

Components of the AUTOLINE II Cutting Head

Components of the AUTOLINE Cutting Head 


KMT Waterjet Abrasive Cutting Head IDE II

  • As the cutting head contains a minimum number of individual components, it is particularly easy to handle while producing high-precision cuts.
  • Important features are the low maintenance effort, the exact targeted cutting jet, the pre-filter protecting the orifice and the advanced nozzle valve design.
  • The diamond orifice and the mixing chamber are combined in a single nozzle body. Both professional users and workers who have only recently been introduced to abrasive cutting benefit from the simple design of the unit as the focusing tube and the pre-filter, which are the only wear parts, can be exchanged easily and quickly.

Components of the IDE II Cutting Head

Components of the IDE Cutting Head