TRILINE TL-I 30 - The direct-drive pump from KMT

With the direct-drive high pressure pump TRILINE TL-I 30, KMT Waterjet Systems broadens their product range by adding an alternative pump technology to their portfolio. The new pump has an excellent cost of ownership value and can be used as a stand-alone unit for everyday cutting needs.

The direct-drive technology for high pressure pumps has been developed in the 1990s and constitutes  an alternative to hydraulic intensifier pumps when it comes to waterjet cutting machines. Direct-drive pumps are based on a comparably simple technology with the power being transmitted from the motor to the topworks via a belt and pulley drive system. This design makes direct-drive pumps more efficient than intensifier pumps and allows for a smaller footprint of the machine.


Features of the TRILINE TL-I 30 direct-drive pump

TL-I 30 direct drive pump

  • The TRILINE TL-I 30 pump combines patented seal technology used in 6,200-bar-machines with direct-drive efficiency
  • Patented valve for running multiple independent cutting heads
  • Softstarter reduces the startup current needed for the motor
  • Small footprint
  • Improved efficiency
  • Low sound level
  • Efficient IE3 compliant motor
  • CE-mark
  • No necessity for separate cooling water
  • Adjustable high and low pressure
  • Excellent pressure signal thanks to the phased movement of three pistons
  • Power transmission from motor to topworks via an easily maintainable belt and pulley drive system
  • The direct-drive pump can run larger orifices at the same motor rating than an intensifier pump

Direct-drive technology: Simple and efficient for basic cutting needs

TRILINE - Power TransmissionDirect-drive power transmission

An electric motor directly powers three crankshaft-driven plungers via an easily manitainable belt and pulley drive system. The plungers are operated with a phase-shift thus delivering a constant stream of high pressure water. Due to this direct power transmission, a direct-drive pump has a relatively high efficiency of up to 85%. Moreover, this method of power transmission is very simple and consists of far fewer parts than a hydraulic circuit. Operators of direct-drive pumps therefore benefit from an easy troubleshooting when it comes to the drive system. In comparison to hydraulically driven systems, belt-and-pulley systems are quieter and cleaner.

Components of the direct-drive pump

  • Efficient IE3 compliant electric motor
  • Easily maintanable belt and pulley drive system in a covered transmission housing
  • Expertly engineered crankcase featuring vibration and noise dampening as well as a steel subplate
  • Wet end including three plungers and 6,200-bar-technology seals
  • High pressure manifold
  • Patented Pressure Control Valve (PCV) for variable water pressure and flow