TechNEWS IV/2014

Comprehensive aftermarket services all about high pressure pumps for waterjet cutting

At the end of October, the trade fair EuroBLECH in Hanover closed its gates, and KMT Waterjet Systems can look back on a successful participation. Amongst other things, the company introduced new aftermarket services: With offering service products like fixed price packages for repair and maintenance jobs, comprehensive maintenance programs or the warranty extension, KMT accompanies their customers through the complete lifetime of their high pressure equipment and makes sure that they always get the best out of the KMT products.

KMT Waterjet Systems always searches for ways to optimize customer service. Therefore, the company developed some measures and service packages to facilitate the life of their customers.

Standard service with flexible support

KMT Standard service with flexible support
Starting this fall, KMT provides many of their service engineers with new, fully equipped service vans. During a standard service, a service engineer every now and then discovers that some unplanned additional repair work is necessary or at least recommendable. With the new service vehicles, the engineer is now able to react quickly and flexibly concerning such a request as the vans include a large variety of tools and spare parts for common and less common repair and maintenance works – so the right spare part is always at hand, no matter what.

Even regarding such unplanned situations, it is still important for customers to keep control over costs and to retain planning reliability for the long-term operation of their waterjet cutting machine. Therefore, KMT offers different service packages at a fixed price. These range from a basic package to a complete maintenance including the exchange of all relevant components of the high pressure pump thus guaranteeing long uptimes of the machine. Of course, the regular maintenance should also be as easy as possible. That’s why KMT offers the benefits package KMT 365: This contract includes one annual visit of a service engineer, who thoroughly checks the high pressure installation, as well as software updates and a discount for further maintenance and repair jobs.

Keeping wear under control with the KMT maintenance program

KMT maintenance program
The KMT “Genuine Service” maintenance program takes the customers one step further. Booking this service package, KMT guarantees continuous support. This contributes to the conservation of the machine’s value and helps the customer to reduce operating costs. The maintenance program includes planned service visits tailored to the specific requirement of the machine operator. At these appointments, the high pressure pumps are inspected thoroughly and parts are exchanged where necessary. Therefore, unexpected production downtimes as well as stressful repair works can be prevented. Of course, KMT grants complete warranty on all parts exchanged and maintained thus assuring the long-term availability of the respective waterjet cutting system. In addition to the scheduled maintenance works, the KMT technician checks the waterjet system with a list, and the customers receive a written maintenance report for their documentation. Moreover, machine operators can exploit the service visit to ask specific questions concerning their system and to get updated on the latest technical developments.

Planning reliability thanks to the KMT Warranty Extension

KMT Warranty Extension

KMT Waterjet Systems provides their customers with a clear-cut guideline concerning warranty cases. Warranty periods and conditions depend on the pressure range of the respective pump type. This leads to transparency for KMT customers when acquiring a new high pressure pump, and additionally, the company offers their customers the possibility to extend the warranty. This extension can be acquired when purchasing a high pressure pump or after the actual purchase as long as the original warranty is still valid. There are two types of warranty extension: On the one hand, the maximum operating hours can be extended and on the other hand, the warranty time period can be prolonged. The former is particularly beneficial if the waterjet cutting system is operated at full capacity – for example if it runs in multi-shift operation. The latter is recommendable if a new system is not fully utilized in the starting period so that the number operating hours is comparably low.

For further information on the aftermarket services, please visit the KMT service pages or contact a KMT employee at For local contacts see here.

New Sales & Service Engineers in Germany, India and Dubai

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