TechNEWS III/2014

Clearly arranged ordering aids facilitate customers‘ life

Starting this summer, KMT Waterjet Systems, supplier of high pressure systems for waterjet cutting machines, offers two ordering aids to facilitate the life of their customers: One of these aids is a newly created comprehensive spare parts catalog and the other one is a card, which is attached to every new pump being delivered from the headquarters for EMEA in Bad Nauheim, Germany, and which displays the most common spare parts for the respective pump type.

KMT Waterjet Genuine Parts CatalogIn the new spare parts catalog “KMT Genuine Parts”, customers can get a thorough overview of the whole program of components for the high pressure installation of waterjet cutting systems. The range goes from spare parts for KMT high pressure pumps to cutting heads, focusing tubes and orifices, to installation material for the feed of the high pressure water from the pump to the cutting table. Within this range, the reader can find useful repair kits designed on customer demands for common assemblies as for example cutting heads, check valves or hydraulic pistons. The separate product groups are arranged in logical chapters so customers can easily find the parts they need. Moreover, a broad base of pictures of the single items further facilitates the identification of the spare parts. In the separate chapters, the parts are labeled according to their application range at a maximum pressure of 4,100 bar or at up to 6,200 bar. The catalog is published in a handy DIN A5 size and can be ordered via the company’s website ( and the e-mail address Additionally, a pdf version of the catalog can be downloaded at

Spare parts card for high pressure pumps

As a further ordering aid, KMT Waterjet Systems includes a spare parts card into the shipment of every high pressure pump being delivered from Bad Nauheim starting August 2014. This card is tailored to the pump’s serial number. It is waterproof and non-soiling and can be easily fixed to the pump thanks to a magnetic tape. The card comes in DIN A4 size and includes item numbers and pictures of the twenty most common spare parts and repair kits. Therefore, the identification of the necessary parts becomes quite easy, and the ordering process is facilitated. KMT created the cards for the following pump types:


In case customers have purchased a respective pump prior to August 2014, they can order a card providing the pump’s serial number at:

Fax: +49-6032-997-270

KMT extends service network – New service engineers in Italy, Russia and Poland

In the first six months of 2014, KMT Waterjet Systems expanded their service team by three new service engineers. Therefore, the company is now even better able to provide qualified local service. The new engineers are responsible for the sales areas Italy, Russia and Eastern Europe.

To guarantee smooth operation of a waterjet cutting machine, it is recommendable to regularly service the high pressure components of the system. If however a repair becomes necessary, it is important that the responsible service technician reacts quickly – thus, the downtimes of the machine can be kept to a minimum. KMT maintains a global network of service offices therefore being able to provide their customers with qualified and quick 24/7 support concerning all issues covering high pressure components for waterjet cutting.

To further optimize this service, KMT expanded their service team by hiring three new engineers: The new employees are responsible for sales areas in Italy, Russia and Eastern Europe. After a thorough training period in Bad Nauheim – KMT’s headquarters for EMEA near Frankfurt/Main – the employees are now ready to competently support their customers.

KMT Service Valerio


Valerio Principi
Aftersales & Service Engineer Italy
Phone: +39 34 99 10 83 56


KMT Service Andrey


Andrey Kondratenko
Aftersales & Service Engineer Russia
Phone: +7 (926) 233-09-16


KMT Service Bartlomiej


Bartłomiej Janicki
Aftersales & Service Engineer Central & Eastern Europe
Phone: +48 519 089 319