Tech NEWS II/2013


Price advantages for waterjet cutting at 6,200 bar

Thanks to the continuing demand for its high pressure pump STREAMLINE PRO-2, KMT is able to pass on the price advantages resulting from high quantity production to its customers. The PRO technology by KMT Waterjet Systems enables waterjet cutting at a working pressure of up to 6,200 bar. Cutting at this pressure range feature numerous advantages, and consequently, respective cutting machines are more than ever in demand. About a year ago, KMT therefore launched the high pressure pump STREAMLINE PRO-2 – the second and optimized generation of a high pressure pump capable of generating the ultra-high pressure.

Optimized High Pressure Pump

KMT STREAMLINE PRO-2 IntensifierFor a little more than a year now, the high pressure pump STREAMLINE PRO-2 for waterjet cutting has proven its value in the market and convinced many users of its benefits. Compared to the preceding model PRO-I, KMT has considerably improved the usability. For example, the exchange and maintenance of sealing head and seals in the intensifier has been significantly facilitated: To access the high-maintenance components in the “old” intensifier, the machine operator had to remove a complex bolt tensioning construction with the aid of a KMT STREAMLINE PRO-I Intensifierhydraulic tensioner necessitating a relatively high torque. In contrast, the model STREAMLINE PRO-2 features the KMT Hard Seal End Cap, which is fastened by just 8 jack bolts. The torque necessary to assemble and disassemble the end cap amounts to a maximum of 95 Nm – which corresponds to the fastening torque of an M10 screw (quality grade 12.9). Thanks to this construction, the maintenance effort and thus the downtimes of the high pressure pump can be significantly reduced. For example, a trained employee can carry out a seal change in no more than 20 minutes.

Reduced operating costs thanks to price cuts

However, the optimized product still offers some possibilities for a fine-tuning which may make it even more attractive to customers. As the high pressure pump STREAMLINE PRO-2 has come to be a global success in the waterjet cutting industry, KMT can realize high production volumes for many components, e.g. the sealing kits or the high pressure cylinder. This leads to price advantages which the company passes on to its customers. Added up, the price cuts regarding the wear parts result in a reduction of the operating costs of about 20%.

Hence, the operation of a waterjet cutting machine with a working pressure of up to 6,200 bar becomes more user-friendly and affordable. Especially if the cutting of thick or hard material, a particularly smooth cutting edge or the resourcing of spare capacity for covering peak work times are important, many machine operators can now easily make a decision in favor of a 6,200 bar waterjet cutting system.

Quick delivery guaranteed

A delayed delivery of spare parts for high pressure pumps and thus the continuing downtime of a machine can become quite expensive for the machine owner. Therefore, it is an important objective for KMT Waterjet Systems to always offer its customers the best service possible – that of course includes quick delivery times. To avoid possible delivery delays caused by time-consuming inspections of air freight or customs paperwork, KMT has completed a registration as officially recognized known consignor on March 7th, 2013. Combined with its status as authorized economic operator (AEO certification), the company does its best to assure a quick and trouble-free delivery of its customers’ orders.

To avoid delays in the delivery of air freight due to safety measures, companies can obtain a registration as known consignor. Since April 29th, 2013, this registration has to be issued by the authorities. If no successful application has been submitted until then, the temporary registration loses its validity. So far, only approx. 3,000 of the more than 40,000 companies which have temporarily registered as known consignor have successfully applied for an official registration. For safety reasons, aerospace companies may only forward cargo which has been properly examined manually, by X-ray or by biosensorical means. This may lead to delivery delays. The only exceptions to these examinations are shipments of companies which are registered as officially recognized known consignor. As these can guarantee a secure supply chain due to various measures in the warehouse and concerning the transportation of their goods, the examination of the packages by the forwarding aerospace company is no longer necessary. Therefore, additional costs and handling time can be avoided compared to cargo of unknown consignors.

To assure short delivery times for the customers, KMT applied for a registration as officially recognized known consignor in due time. The registration could be completed in early March. 

To further facilitate the delivery process, KMT additionally is certified as authorized economic operator. The advantages of this AEO certification include customs simplifications, reduced data records for customs declarations or fewer examinations of goods and documents. The certification is valid throughout the EU as well as for Switzerland, Norway, Japan and the USA. Concerning shipments to these countries, the certification results in a significant simplification as regards customs clearance. This of course is also reflected in quicker delivery times.