KMT Genuine Spare Parts enable efficient working processes and high production safety

Over 40 years ago the very first commercial installation of a waterjet cutting system began operation using a KMT intensifier. Since then, KMT pumps with KMT Genuine Parts have served customers reliably across many industries, including yours.

KMT Genuine Parts are manufactured in the USA to the exact standards as the original parts found on new KMT pumps. Our expertise and operating experience extends from the original SL-I operating at 3,800 bar all the way to today’s industry-leading KMT PRO pumps cutting at 6,200 bar. No other provider has this breadth of experience and you can rest assured that your KMT pump will operate at peak performance when you use KMT Genuine Parts.

Benefits of KMT Genuine Parts:

  • Robust quality control inspection process to ensure superior fit and durability
  • Manufactured to precise specifications best suited for your KMT pump
  • Improvements made to KMT pumps are incorporated into KMT Genuine Parts
  • KMT Customer Service and Technical Support is available 24/7

Remember to use KMT Genuine Parts to maintain your pump warranty and ensure that your investment pays off over the long-term. The use of imitation parts will void warranty coverage, compromises safety and may result in reduced component lifetime.


KMT spare parts catalogIn our spare parts catalog, you’ll find comprehensive details concerning our product range – from spare parts for intensifiers to cutting heads to installation material, the catalog offers everything you need to run your waterjet cutting system smoothly. 

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