KMT Waterjet Cut Calculator
  • Waterjet Cutting Advantages at 6,200 bar

  • Increase productivity

  • Decrease abrasive costs

  • Lower cost per part

  • Increase capacity

Every Minute Counts - KMT Cut Calculator

The KMT Waterjet Cut Calculator shows the significant improvement in cut speed between 6,000 bar & 4,000 bar.

  • Increasing pressure, increases the velocity of the stream. ·
  • Increasing pump pressure/velocity will significantly improve the cut speed time.
  • Cut more parts at 6,000 bar and reduce abrasive costs.

The Power to do More video is a test demonstration cutting 2” aluminum at 60,000psi and 90,000psi. Even with the larger orifice (.014 cutting at 60,000psi) and the smaller orifice (.011 cutting at 90,000psi) there is a significant savings in abrasive while cutting the aluminum 57% faster at 90,000psi.

Increasing the stream velocity to 90,000psi can reduce abrasive usage up to 50%. The results of the video are dramatic as there was a 57% increase in cut speed (11 inches per minute at 90,000psi vs. 7 inches per minute at 60,000psi.

Increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

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