Waterjet Cutting at 6,200 bar
  • Higher cutting speeds

  • Improved cutting edge quality

  • Lower abrasive consumption

  • Higher productivity

  • Optimized machine utilization

  • Improved conformality

  • Reduced delamination

Most efficient Waterjet Cutting at 6,200 bar

With its PRO high-pressure range, KMT Waterjet Systems sets new standards in the field of waterjet cutting. PRO stands for waterjet cutting technology with operating pressures of up to 6,200 bar, and the range of products includes all necessary components and accessories - from high-pressure generation units to orifices that guide the cutting jet with great precision onto the material.

Examples for cutting speed and abrasive consumption at 6.200 bar

Cutting aluminum with a thickness of 25 mm

Table Aluminum Cutting 

 Cutting Stainless Steel with a thickness of 50 mm

Table Stainless Steel Cutting 

Cutting Black Granite with a thickness of 50 mm

Table Black Granite Cutting