KMT Waterjet Systems - The Heart of Waterjet Cutting

In the early 1970s, the technology of cutting material with water came up. Right from the start, KMT Waterjet Systems has been deeply involved: In 1971, we developed the first waterjet cutting machine for commercial use. Since those early days, the waterjet cutting technology has taken big steps to become a valuable addition and alternative to conventional cutting methods.

When it comes to advancing the technology, KMT Waterjet Systems has always played a big role, and thanks to our consistent and innovative product development, we have been among the technology leaders in the industry for over 40 years now. During this time, we have continuously expanded our sales and service network. Therefore, we are able to offer our customers qualified support by many local offices all over the world.

Our products are well-known for reliability, sophisticated design and ease of maintenance – qualities which our engineers have in mind right from the first draft for a new product. Thus, you can be sure that KMT technology always fulfills the highest quality standards. In our portfolio, we offer you solutions for all kinds of applications: From entry level systems for occasional cutting needs to high-end technology for reliable high-capacity production in multi-shift operation.

The experience gained over the years of course is a big benefit when it comes to continuously improving cutting machines and developing further innovative products. Therefore, the KMT experts have become sought-after advisers for production planning. They can find solutions for all kinds of cutting tasks bringing in the company’s know-how concerning waterjet cutting.

More than 50 Years of High Pressure Experience

Foundation of McCartney, Manufacturing of first HP Pump LDPE 2,500 bar
1964INGERSOLL-RAND acquires McCartney
INGERSOLL-RAND manufactures first 4,000 bar Intensifier for Waterjet Cutting
1986Best-Matic opens “Waterjet Office” in Bad Nauheim, Germany
1989INGERSOLL-RAND acquires Best-Matic Group 
1991Joint Venture for 3D Cutting BOX systems is formed
1993IR Bad Nauheim, Germany takes over ESA Pump Sales Responsibility
1995INGERSOLL-RAND supplies only pumps & cutting heads, (stop W-Jet Tables)
2003KMT (Karolin Machine Tool) acquires INGERSOLL-RAND Waterjet
2005KMT takes over Aqua-Dyne
2006KMT takes over H2O JET
2008Acquisition of the KMT Group by the Swedish investment company Nordstjernan
2013Acquisition of the KMT Group by the American investment company American Industrial Partners
KMT Waterjet Systems becomes a part of the Shape Technologies Group

More than 50 years of High Pressure Experience

1951Foundation of McCartney, Manufacturing of first HP Pump LDPE 2,500 bar
1971INGERSOLL-RAND manufactures first 4,000 bar intensifier
1995INGERSOLL-RAND supplies only pumps & cutting Heads (stop W-Jet Tables)
1996SL-IV range launched – most successful pump at that time
2001AMS “Abrasive Management System” package released
2002SL-IV Plus released with 4,150 bar
2002Seal-less intensifier released - Flange Design
2004KMT releases completely revised SL-V pump range with HSEC Technology
2005Release of the SL-V Classic pump series for basic cutting needs
2006SL-V 150 + 200 HP released
2008KMT releases low-cost high pressure pump JETLINE JL- I 30
for emerging markets
KMT releases PSC Parts – HP installation material
The development of the PRO Series of new pumps, cutting heads and installation material sets new standards and enables Waterjet Cutting at 6,200 bar
KMT releases JETLINE JL- I 50
KMT releases STREAMLINE PRO-I 125 for most powerful performance
KMT releases the affordable entry-level pump NEOLINE NL-I 40
With the Rapid Change Intensifier in the new PRO-2 pump series, KMT further optimizes high performance Waterjet Cutting at 6,200 bar
KMT releases the revised PRO pumps STREAMLINE PRO-2 60 and PRO-2 125
KMT presents the STREAMLINE SL-VI series - an optimized and highly configurable high pressure pump
The model series STREAMLINE PRO-III offers the industry's most powerful combination of horsepower and pressure with significant improvements in uptime
With the direct-drive high pressure pump TRILINE TL-I, KMT broadens their product range by adding an alternative pump technology to their portfolio


KMT Waterjet manufactured and installed the first commercially viable waterjet cutting unit in the world

Dr. Norman Franz - Pioneer of Waterjet CuttingIn the early days of waterjet technology, water was primarily used to rinse and clean parts and surfaces. During the 1920s, foundries began looking for a new and more productive method for the wet treatment of cast parts, while the mining industry developed a demand for new technologies to extract coal and metal ores from exceedingly deeper and less accessible pits. At that time, water could only be pressurised to maximum 100 bar. In 1968, Dr. Norman Franz, professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada, patented the first concept of a high pressure waterjet cutting system. By then, water pressures of around 700 bar could be produced. The first waterjet cutting system with a pressure of 4000 bar was developed in 1971 by the paper tube division of Alton Box Board Co. As the cutting power of this system was limited, the method could not (yet) be used to cut metal. This became however possible in the early 1980s through the addition of abrasives to the water, which greatly improved the material removal rate of the units. Today, abrasive cutting is a tried and tested method for the processing of even the hardest materials.



KMT is proud to be a Shape Technologies Group Company

Shape Technologies Group, Inc. (SHAPE) delivers innovative manufacturing process solutions to customers spanning 100 countries and a broad array of industries. As the world leading provider and inventor of waterjet, SHAPE has become a strategic ecosystem of companies providing material processing and surface preparation, automated assembly, robotic motion systems, material handling, software, process control, aftermarket parts, and comprehensive support to our customers.

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